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Updated: 21 min 21 sec ago

Astronauts eject UK-led space junk demo mission

3 hours 23 min ago
The RemoveDebris satellite will trial technologies for snaring broken hardware drifting in orbit.

Wolves in France: Farmers fear attacks

Tue, 06/19/2018 - 23:03
One mayor says children under 10 years old should not walk alone, in case of an attack.

Hello kitty...

Tue, 06/19/2018 - 21:58
Meet the new residents of a cave in Santa Monica.

Rover test: What's it like to ride a rocket to Mars?

Tue, 06/19/2018 - 14:36
European engineers shake their Mars rover to see that it can survive the violence of a rocket launch.

Puan, oldest known Sumatran orangutan, dies in Australia

Tue, 06/19/2018 - 05:04
Puan left an "incredible legacy" of descendants for the critically endangered species, keepers say.

Will Norway's electric transport take off?

Tue, 06/19/2018 - 03:18
A battery-powered plane is Norway's latest part of the country’s plan to combat climate change.

Hot air

Mon, 06/18/2018 - 23:01
As demand for air conditioning goes through the roof, what are the implications for our planet?

How hats were placed atop the Easter Island statues

Mon, 06/18/2018 - 19:10
It took only small teams using ramps and ropes to cap the giant statues of Rapa Nui, a new study says.

'Dumpling-shaped' space rock comes into view

Mon, 06/18/2018 - 12:27
A Japanese space probe has been sending back images as it approaches its target, the asteroid Ryugu.

Hong Kong's fish are eating plastic - and people could be too

Mon, 06/18/2018 - 00:15
A lot of Hong Kong's fish contains tiny bits of plastic that could end up on your plate.

Horsefly season: How to avoid being bitten

Sat, 06/16/2018 - 10:19
It is horsefly season, which means all those enjoying the countryside should watch out for bites.

What a load of crocs!

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 14:02
Wade Kelly's drone captured dozens of the reptiles on camera this week, sunbathing by the Daly River in Australia.

Stephen Hawking memorial under way at Westminster Abbey

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 12:32
British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is among those giving readings at the ceremony.

Work starts to upgrade Large Hadron Collider

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 12:26
Improvements to the world's biggest particle smasher are designed to uncover new physics.

Ten ways to cut down on plastics at home

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 09:55
Author and activist Will McCallum gives us his top tips for eliminating plastics from our everyday lives.

Kilauea volcano: Molten lava meets the sea

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 09:00
The Kilauea volcano has been pouring lava into the ocean off Hawaii, causing a hydrochloric acid mist.

Gene therapy reverses rat's paralysis

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 17:08
Experts say the findings could be life-changing for millions of patients.

Prehistoric frogs surface after 99 million years

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 14:58
Frogs trapped in amber for 99 million years give clues to lost world. The four fossils were found in Myanmar.

Stephen Hawking's words will be beamed into space

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 10:38
The words of the renowned physicist have been set to music by composer Vangelis.

Einstein's travel diaries reveal racist stereotypes

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 01:09
Xenophobic comments are found in private journals from the physicist's 1920s tour of Asia.