(a)        Name:                                                  Austin Eze OZUKWE

(b)        Date of birth:                                      21 October, 1979

              (c)      Department:                                        Chemistry

(d)        Faculty:                                              Science

      II.        (a)        Academic Appointment:                      5 February, 2014

                  (b)        Present Post:                                        Assistant Lecturer

                  (c)        Date of Last Promotion:                     Not applicable                                    

                  (d)       Date Last Considered:                                    Not applicable            

            III.       University Education (with Dates) 

                  University of Ibadan, Ibadan                         1999-2004

                  University of Ibadan                                        2011-2012

       IV.      Academic Qualification (with dates and grades)

                  B.Sc Chemistry  (Ibadan)                                 2004 (First Class Honours)

                  M.Sc Organic Chemistry (Ibadan)                    2012 (Distinctions)

      V.        Professional Qualification and Diplomas:     Nil

      VI.       Scholarship, Fellowships and Prizes (with date) in Respect of Undergraduate   and Postgraduate work only


Maryland Community Scholarship for Academic excellence 2000


Faculty of Science Dean’s award for academic excellence 2001/2002


VII.  Honours, Distinction and Membership of Learned Societies :

Member, Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN)

VIII. Details of Teaching Experience at University Level :


  Assistant Lecturer University of Ibadan from February 2014 till date 


 Courses Taught 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 Sessions

CHE 127- Inorganic Chemistry I                                     (Taught by 4 lecturers)

CHE 195-  Practical Chemistry                

CHE 227- Inorganic Chemistry II                                                (Practical Demonstrator)

CHE 327- Inorganic Chemistry III                                  (Practical Demonstrator)

CHE 229- Inorganic Chemistry II for non-majors           (taught by 2 Lecturers)

CHE 329- Inorganic Chemistry III for non-majors          (taught by 2 Lecturers)


    Also involved in supervision of IT students (ICH 397)


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