B.Sc. (Hons) Ilorin, M.Sc., PhD (Ibadan).

Academic Title: Dr

Academic Status: Reader

Specialisation: Economic Geology/Mineralogy 

Office: Room A003 Department of Geology

Contact: Tel: 234-8037009714




-          University of Ibadan Senate Research Grant 2000

-          DAAD Short-Term study visit for postgraduate students at George-August University, Gottingen, Germany  2000

-          Bashorun M.K.O. Abiola Research Fellowships for Postgraduate Teachers 2000/2001

-          Postgraduate Grant for Conferences and Workshops 2001/2002

-          Postgraduate Grant for Conferences and Workshops 2002/2003

Position within/outside University of Ibadan

-          Warden, Tafawa Balewa hall

Membership of Learned Societies

-          Registered member, Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers and Geoscientists

-          Member, Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society

-          Member, Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists

-          Member, Nigerian Association of Hydrogeologists

-          Member, Geoinformation Society of Nigeria

-          Member, Association of Geoscientists for International Development


Current Research



My research focus has been in the area of economic geology, which entails the study of the mineralogy, petrogenesis and geochemical exploration for solid minerals.


I carried out research studies on industrial and ore minerals of economic value. I applied modern analytical techniques to determine the composition of these industrial minerals thereby increasing the body of knowledge available on their occurrence, geology, geometry, mineralogy, chemistry, possible functional applications and other aspects that are germane to the future exploitation of clay, talc, gypsum, limestone, graphite and laterites in parts of southern and northern Nigeria. It was shown in my research studies that some of these industrial minerals could be exploited and used as raw materials in the construction, ceramics, refractory, glass, fertilizer, abrasives and chemical industries.


In the field of petrogenesis, I used modern analytical tools including scanning electron microprobe analyser to acquire substantial geochemical data to unravel the origin and evolution of the basement, as well as, sedimentary rocks that are hosts to the economic mineral deposits in parts of southern and northern Nigeria. Detailed microchemical data of the essential and accessory minerals in the rocks were used to determine their petrogenesis. Previous conclusions on the origin and evolution of some of the basement rocks in Ibadan-Abeokuta area, southwestern Nigeria and Wuyo area northeastern Nigeria were revised in the light of the new geochemical data obtained from my research studies.


My research in the field of geochemical exploration showed that inadequate knowledge of the composition and physical features of the lateritic bodies in Nigeria has greatly undermined a thorough understanding of their mineralogy, geochemistry and economic potentials. Consequently, efforts were made in my research to critically study the mineralogical dispersion, geochemical trends, industrial applications and genesis of the different residual bodies over basement and sedimentary rocks in southwestern Nigeria and Yaounde, Cameroon. The alteration phases and ore mineralization potentials were examined. The geochemical trends, nature of mineral alterations, clay transformations and iron enrichment were highlighted in the research findings. The trend of weathering was determined from the research to be towards iron enrichment (ferralitization) rather than aluminum accumulation (bauxitization) recorded elsewhere. Furthermore, geochemical exploration using stream sediments for gold and soil samples for graphite (Igbo-Ora area) and rock samples for uranium (Wuyo-Gubrunde area) were carried out. The potentials of using geochemical principles in the exploration of the vast mineral resources in the tropical environment of Nigeria were demonstrated in this research studies.

I have also been involved in collaborative research on mining, geo-environmental studies, corrosion monitoring, natural hazards detection and mitigation studies.


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