I.A. Oyediran



B.Sc. (Ago-Iwoye), M.Sc., PhD (Ibadan).

Academic Title: Doctor 

Academic Status: Senior Lecturer 

Specialisation: Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology, Environmental Geology

Office: Room Number: A 105 Department of Geology

Contact: Tel: +234-8094718091; +234-8056153251

                 E-mail: [email protected];

                              [email protected]



My research interest revolves around the field of Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology. The application of geologic knowledge to practical problems is the focus of the fields of engineering, hydro and environmental Geology. Engineering geology is the application of Geology and related disciplines to the understanding and solution of earthwork or geotechnical problems. Hydrogeology on the other hand deals with the assessment of groundwater systems with emphasis on the occurrence, distribution, hydraulic movement and chemistry/quality while Environmental Geology involves the protection of human health and safety through understanding geological processes. For example, it is critically important to understand the geology of areas where people propose to store nuclear waste products.

Currently, my research work includes the evaluation of locations for landfill site in the crystalline Basement complex and sedimentary terrains of Nigeria with particular emphasis on the application of geophysics for characterization of subsurface horizon and understanding the groundwater occurrence, application of geochemistry and mineralogy to characterize underlying soils and provide information on other properties that can prevent or promote contamination of groundwater by leachate from waste. Furthermore the geotechnical properties of waste soil from open dumping area including the reaction between leachates and soil types and the permeability characteristics of soils are being investigated.

Other areas of interest include foundation investigation for structures, soil improvement and stabilization, characterization of geomaterials for the understanding and solution of earthwork problems to achieve sustainable development. Furthermore the characterization of groundwater systems of the Basement Complex terrain is under investigation.


(a)               Completed 

  • Geotechnical evaluation of a site at Ajibode, Ibadan for landfill.
  • Engineering Geological Evaluation and Geochemical assessment of some locations along Ibadan/Ile-Ife highway as landfill sites.
  • Variability in the Geotechnical properties of some residual clay soils from Southwestern Nigeria.
  • Influence of the activities of termites on the geotechnical properties of some lateritic soils.
  • Engineering Geological Evaluation of residual Lateritic soils of southwestern Nigeria as construction materials.
  • Permeability characteristics of some clay soils from both the Basement Complex
  • and Sedimentary terrains of Nigeria.
  • Studies of the environmental pollution from landfill site receiving wastes.
  • Geotechnical and Geophysical applications to solving earthwork problems.


(b)               In Progress 

    • Effects of various soil stabilizers on the geotechnical properties of lateritic soils used for construction.
    • Effect of waste dump on the engineering properties of soil and underground water quality.
    • Chemical and Mechanical Stabilisation of soils from both the Basement Complex and Sedimentary terrains of Nigeria.
    • Characterization of geomaterials for engineering construction purposes.
    • Reactions between leachates and possible clay containment types.
    • Geotechnical properties of problem soils
    • Failure of structures
    • Strength characteristics of Soil Rock Mixtures
    • Slope stability


(c)                Dissertation and Thesis 

  1.                                             i.            Oyediran, I.A. (2010): Geotechnical Evaluation of a site at Ajibode, Ibadan for Landfill.  Ph.D. Thesis, University of Ibadan, 241p.


  1.                                           ii.            Oyediran, I. A. (2014): Soil – Rock Mixtures or Bimrocks? A Review. Post-Doctoral Fellowship Dissertation, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 164p.






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