Dr. K.S. Chukwuka

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DR CHUKWUKA, Kanayo Stephen

NAME: CHUKWUKA, Kanayo Stephen

Academic and Professional Qualifications: B.Sc Botany, M.Sc Botany (Ecology), Ph.D Agriculture (Environmental Biology)

Academic Title: Dr

Academic Status: Senior Lecturer

Area of Specialization: Plant and Environmental Ecology

Office: Room B11, Department of Botany, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

        Contact: Tel: +234 803 396 0610

        E-mail: [email protected]

                    [email protected]


Fellowships/Awards: 2008 CAS–TWAS Scholar at Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Applied Ecology, Shenyang, China.


Positions within/outside University of Ibadan: Lecturer and Researcher, External Examiner to the

                                                                           Department of Botany, Obafemi Awolowo            University, Nigerian Institute of Science &            Laboratory Technology, Ibadan.



[email protected]

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