Dr. O.O Osinowo



B.Sc. (Nigeria), M.Sc., PhD (Ibadan).

Academic Title: Dr

Academic Status: Lecturer I

Specialisation: Applied Geophysics 

Office: Room A205 Department of Geology

Contact: Tel: +234-8030707659/-8124109193

                E-mail: [email protected];       

                            [email protected]



-        Academic Staff Training and Development (AST&D) programme grant by Tertiary Trust Fund 2013/2014 

Position within/outside University of Ibadan

Membership of Learned Societies

-        Member, Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers And Geoscientists

-        Member, Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society

-        Fellow,  Geological Society of London

-        Member, Society of Exploration Geophysicists

-        Member, American Geophysical Union

-        Member, Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists



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