Dr. A.S Olatunji



B.Sc. (Ilorin), M.Sc., PhD (Ibadan).

Academic Title: Dr

Academic Status: Reader

Specialisation: Applied & Environmental Geochemistry

Office: Room B 202 Department of Geology

Contact: Tel: +234-8055475865

                E-mail: [email protected];

                             [email protected]



-          NMGS/TOTALFINAELF Best Paper (Enugu 2003)  3rd Prize 

-          NMGS/TOTALFINAELF Best paper (Akure 2007)   1st Prize 

Position within/outside University of Ibadan

Membership of Learned Societies

-          Registered member, Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers and Geoscientists

-          Member,  Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society

-          Member,  Nigerian Association of Hydrogeologists

-          Member,  International Association of Hydrogeologists

-          Member,  International Medical Geology Association

[email protected]

Current Research 

Research Focus


My research focuses on the application of geochemistry and other classical geological methods in resolving hydrogeological, environmental and associated health problems in major cities of Nigeria.


In the field of Environmental Geochemistry, I have undertaken comprehensive geochemical investigations and evaluation of sediments from the Lagos lagoon, leading to the characterisation of the sediments on the basis of their metal concentrations and depositional settings into areas of non-impact and those impacted by the adjoining land-derived activities. This study had provided newer insights into the dynamics that govern the sedimentation of the Lagos lagoon sediments as well as factors that are responsible for their current geochemical status.


The assessment of groundwater resource is often a major challenge in contrasting geologic terrains owing to varied factors. I have been involved in the geochemical evaluation of groundwater resource of both basement and sedimentary terrains in southwestern Nigeria resulting in the determination of the quality, usability and geochemical characters as well as the effects of contaminants on such water resources. In addition, part of these studies had allowed the delineation of the shallow aquifer units in the Lagos area through which the various factors that governed their vulnerability to saline water pollution were identified.


I have also been involved in the geochemical assessment of rocks, sediments, soils and particulate matter. These works revealed that these geologic materials contained materials that could impair health. Spatial and intuitive geochemical maps that explained the distributions of these deleterious and potentially harmful elements in the various areas were produced. Attempts have also been made to correlate the results obtained with prevailing health conditions in the study areas. The produced geochemical maps have become reliable reference instruments that could be used to identify areas for eventual clean-up and mitigation operations.


Studies to assess the environmental and health impact of the exploitation and utilization of the geologic resources in urban centers in Nigeria have been undertaken. This is especially in areas where huge volumes of dusts are generated from the processing of the geologic materials into finished products. The study showed that the dusts from the processing of minerals are veritable pathway for introducing potentially toxic elements, naturally locked up in the mineral grains, into the environment. The results from the study amplified the need to control indiscriminate siting of mineral processing mills in densely populated areas.


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