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Academic Programme : Department of Physics

Undergraduate Programs

Postgraduate Programs


  • M.Sc. – Masters of Science (Physics)
  • M.Phil – Masters of Philosophy (Physics)
  • Ph.D. – Doctor of Philosophy



  • PGDRP – Postgraduate Diploma in Radiation Protection
  • PGD Met – Postgraduate Diploma in Meteorology
  • MRP – Professional Masters in Radiation Protection




PHY 101 Elementary Physics for Students of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine.

PHY 112 Basic Principles of Physics II

PHY 113 Basic Principles of Physics III

PHY 114 Basic Principles of Physics I

PHY 115 Basic Principles IV

PHY 118 Experimental Physics I


PHY 201 Classical Physics I

PHY 203 Elements of Modern Physics

PHY 204 Classical Physics II

PHY 251 Electrophysics for Physiotherapy Students

PHY 271 Physics for Biology I

PHY 272 Physics for Biology II

PHY 290 Industrial Training I

PHY 298 Experimental Physics II

PHY 299 Experimental Physics III


PHY 303 Classical Physics III

PHY 304 Principles of Quantum Physics I

PHY 305 Numerical Computation in Physics

PHY 306 Introduction to Electronics

PHY 307 Solid State Physics I

PHY 308 Electromagnetism

PHY 309 Acoustics

PHY 310 Introduction to Nuclear Physics

PHY 311 Mathematical Methods for Physics I

PHY 312 Mathematical Methods for Physics II

PHY 313 Introduction to Special Relativity

PHY 314 Semiconductor Devices

PHY 372 Physics for Biology III

PHY 390 Industrial Training II

PHY 398 Experimental Physics IV

PHY 399 Experimental Physics V


PHY 403 Statistical and Thermal Physics Kinetics Theory

PHY 405 Principles of Quantum Physics II

PHY 406 Classical Mechanics IV

PHY 407 Solid State Physics II

PHY 408 Electromagnetic Theory

PHY 409 Modern Optics

PHY 410 Nuclear Physics

PHY 411 Introduction to Astrophysics

PHY 481 Symmetry Principles and the Quantum Theory of Matter

PHY 482 Reactors and Health Physics

PHY 483 Physics Principles of Meteorology

PHY 484 Ionospheric Physics

PHY 485 Atmospheric Electricity

PHY 486 Geomagnetism

PHY 487 Collective Processes

PHY 488 Solid State Physics

PHY 489 Selected Topics in Solid State Physics

PHY 497 Physics Project for Teachers

PHY 498 Experimental Physics IV

PHY 499 Undergraduate Project


PHY 701 Electromagnetic Theory

PHY 702 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

PHY 703 Quantum Theory

PHY 704 Basic Fluid Dynamics

PHY 705 Analysis of Data

PHY 706 Quantum Field Theory

PHY 707 General Relativity

PHY 708 Particle Physics

PHY 710 Geomagnetism, Gravity and the Figure of the Earth

PHY 712 Basic Model Concepts and Manifest Properties of Solids: Properties of Energy Bands in Solids.

PHY 713 Physics of the Earth’s Interior

PHY 714 Rock Physics

PHY 715 Semi-Conductor Physics

PHY 716 Vacuum Techniques

PHY 717 Alloys, Surface and Interface Physics Theories of Binary and Ternary Liquid Alloys.

PHY 718 Ionospheric Physics I

PHY 719 Ionospheric Physics II

PHY 731 Application of Physics in Meteorology

PHY 732 Phenomena in Natural Plasma

PHY 733 Structure and Dynamics of the Upper Atmosphere

PHY 734 Dynamic Meteorology

PHY 735 Electrical Processes in the Fair Weather Atmosphere

PHY 736 Atmospheric Electricity in Disturbed Weather

PHY 737 Physical Meteorology I

PHY 738 Synoptic Meteorology I

PHY 739 Atmospheric Models, Numerical Weather Prediction and Models of the Tropical Atmosphere

PHY 740 Tropical Meteorology, Weather Analysis, Frontogenesis and Symbolic Representations

PHY 741 Physical Meteorology II

PHY 742 Special Tropics in Meteorology

PHY 743 Satellite and Radar Meteorology

PHY 745 Radioactivity in the Atmosphere

PHY 746 Transient Effect in Equipment and Structural Protection from Lightning

PHY 751 Fundamentals of Nuclear Physics

PHY 752 Radiation Detection and Dosimetry

PHY 753 Radiation Biology

PHY 754 Radiation Protection Guides

PHY 755 Nuclear Applications in Medicine, Industry and Research

PHY 756 Non-Ionizing Radiation

PHY 760 Laboratory & Field Experiments in Geophysics

PHY 761 Laboratory and Field Experiments in Meteorology

PHY 762 Operational Meteorological and Climatology

PHY 771 Fundamentals of Electronics: Designs and Analysis

PHY 772 Physical Instrumentation

PHY 773 Methods and Techniques of Geophysical Prospecting

PHY 774 Applied Electronics and Workshop Practices

PHY 781 Numerical and Computational Methods

PHY 782 Mathematical Methods of Physics

PHY 783 Solar Physics

PHY 790 M.Sc. Project

PHY 802 Statistical Mechanics

PHY 804 Many-body Theory

PHY 809 Non-Linear Dynamical Systems

PHY 811 Thin Solids Films

PHY 812 Surface Physics of Solid Materials

PHY 813 Geo-Potential Fields and the Earth’s Interior

PHY 832 Ionospheric Physics

PHY 873 Advanced Methods of Applied Geophysics

PHY 874 Sources and Utilization of Energy

PHY 883 Applied Group Theory