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Professor Bamidele Iromidayo Olu-Owolabi

Some Notable Publications
1. Agbaogun, B. K., Olu-Owolabi, B. I., Buddenbaum, H. and Fischer K. 2023. Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) and multiple linear regression (MLR) modelling of Cu, Cd, and Pb adsorption onto tropical soils. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.
2. Vaikosen, E. N., Davidson, C. M., Olu-Owolabi, B. I., Gibson, L. T., Agunbiade, F. O., Kashimawo, A. J. and Adebowale, K. O. 2023. Kinetic and isotherm studies on the adsorption-desorption of technical-grade endosulfan in loamy soils under Theobroma cacao L cultivation, Southwestern Nigeria. Environmental Science Advances. 2023, DOI: 10.1039/D2VA00090C.
3. Egbedina, A. O., Ibhafidon, S. Akinbile, B. J., Ambushe, A. A. Olu-Owolabi, B. I. and Adebowale, K. O. 2022. Catalytic transformation of coconut husk into single-crystal graphite and its application for the removal of antibiotics from wastewater. Chemical Engineering Research and Design. 188: 96-104.
4. Okekunle, M. O., Akin-Ajani, O. D., Ekpukpon, B. L., Odeku, O. A., Olu-Owolabi, B. I. and Adebowale, K. O. 2022. Intra and Extra-granular Disintegrant Properties of Modified Underutilised Red Lima Bean Starch in Paracetamol Tablet Formulation. Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
5. Olu-Owolabi, B. I., Diagboya, P. N., Mtunzi, F. M., Adebowale, K. O. and Düring, R. 2022. Empirical aspects of an emerging agricultural pesticide contaminant retention on two sub-Saharan soils. Gondwana Research. 105:311-319
6. Olu-Owolabi, B. I., Diagboya, P. N. Unuabonah, E. I. Alabi, A. H., Düring, R. Adebowale, K. O. 2018. Fractal-like concepts for evaluation of toxic metals adsorption efficiency of feldspar-biomass composites. Journal of Cleaner Production. 171: 884-891
7. Olu-Owolabi, B. I., Alabi, A. H., Unuabonah, E. I., Diagboya, P. N., and Rolf-Alexander Düring. 2017. Adsorptive removal of 2, 4, 6-trichlorophenol in aqueous solution using calcined kaolinite-biomass composites. Journal of Environmental management. 192:94-99
8. Olu-Owolabi, B. I., Diagboya, P. N. and Adebowale, K. O. 2015. Sorption and desorption of fluorene on five tropical soils from different Climes. Geoderma. 239-240:179-185
9. Olu-Owolabi, B. I., Agunbiade, F. O., Fagbayigbo, and Adebowale, K. O. 2013. Monitoring Copper Bioaccumulation in Cocoa from Copper-Based Pesticide–Treated Cocoa Farms Using Fuzzy Similarity Method. Bioremediation Journal. 17:131-137
10. Afolabi, T. A., Olu-Owolabi, B. I., Adebowale, K. O., Lawal, O. S. and Akintayo, C. O. 2012. Functional and tableting properties of acetylated and oxidized finger millet (Eleusine coracana) starch. Starch/Starke. 64: 326-337.

Bamidele OLU-OWOLABI is a professor of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry and the current Head of Department of Chemistry, University of Ibadan. Her expertise is on the development of low cost sustainable alternative materials for remediation of contaminated/polluted water and soil. In recognition of her contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (No. 6), she won the African Union Kwame Nkrumah Scientific Regional Award of 2016.
Furthermore, her research group has extensively worked and still working on environmental monitoring, modelling and remediation with the application of fuzzy logic which is an emerging global concept to interpret the results. Modification of starch from underutilized legumes for various industrial uses is one of her research niches.
As a mentor, she has supervised over 150 master’s theses, one (1) MPhil. and ten (10) Ph.D students. She is also a regular peer reviewer for several Journals including; Desalination, Geoderma, Heliyon, and Chemical Engineering.
Professor Olu-Owolabi is a recipient of many fellowships including the prestigious Alexander Von Humboldt Fellowship, DAAD, TWAS-CAS and TWAS-USM.

Prof. Olu-OwolabiName: Bamidele Iromidayo Olu-Owolabi
Designation: Professor
Phone Number:08035632025

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Area of Specialization: Analytical/Environmental Chemistry