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History : Department of Physics


History of the Department

The Department of Physics was founded in 1948 when the University of Ibadan was established as a University College. The degree B.Sc. Physics, (Ibadan) was awarded when the University became autonomous in 1962. At various times in the history of the Department, diversification into different areas of specialization was introduced in response to both national needs and global trends. The Department has not only been able to meet its manpower requirements but has also continued to feed most Universities in the country with world-class products. Over the sixty years of its existence, the department has produced thousands of high quality Physics graduates. The national merit award winner of 2003 is a product of the Department.

As far back as 1954, the Department has been offering postgraduate research programmes in different areas of Physics. At present, the following areas of specialization are available:

(1) Ionospheric and Space Physics and Radiation Propagation

(2) Physics of the Lower Atmospheric and Meteorology

(3) Solid Earth Physics

(4) Radiation and Health Physics

(5) Solid State/Condensed Matter Physics

(6) Theoretical Physics

(7) Instrumentation and Electronics