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Students' Association : Department of Chemistry

1       Students’ Chemical Society of Nigeria (SCSN), University of Ibadan (UI) Chapter is a student arm of the Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN) and it is the parent student organisation in the Department.  The society caters for the academic and social needs of its members. It also strives to develop leadership skills of its members.

2.    Chemical Intellect is an affiliate of the Students’ Chemical Society of Nigeria (SCSN) (UI Chapter).  The society strives to empower students to gain practical knowledge on small-scale ventures thus providing them with opportunity to become future entrepreneurs.

3.      The Chemical Press is a voluntary student organisation in the Department of Chemistry, University of Ibadan.  It was created as an affiliate of the SCSN, UI Chapter, and serves as a platform for the development of basic skills of journalism like writing and reporting among students of the Department.  The Chemical Press maintains a press board where students and others are kept informed through the weekly publication of news and feature articles.