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Welcome : Department of Physics


Welcome to the Department of Physics at University of Ibadan, a Department that we firmly believe to be one of the very best in the University, and in the country. These pages are aimed at prospective students and collaborators who wish to find out more about what is offered in the Department. The pages also have information that current students and staff can find useful.

The Department was established in 1948 when the University of Ibadan was established as a University College. When the University became autonomous in 1962, the degree was awarded as B.Sc. Physics, (Ibadan). However, B.Sc. degree does not reflect any area of specialization, as students only choose final year projects and elective courses in the final year from any of the specialization area in the Department since specialization is only at Postgraduate level.

As far back as 1954, the Department has been offering postgraduate research programmes leading to M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D in different areas of Physics. Presently, with 22 academic staff members, 27 non-teaching staff and over 100 postgraduate students, the Department’s research activities have been in the following areas of specialization:

(1) Ionospheric and Space Physics and Radiation Propagation

(2) Physics of the Lower Atmospheric and Meteorology

(3) Solid Earth Physics

(4) Radiation and Health Physics

(5) Solid State/Condensed Matter Physics

(6) Theoretical Physics

(7) Instrumentation and Electronics

In addition to academic programmes, the Department also runs two professional postgraduate programmes. These are Postgraduate Diploma in Radiation Protection and Master in Radiation Protection.

To support the research activities, the Department has a number of teaching and research laboratories. The Department also has well equipped Mechanical and Wood Workshops.


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