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I.O.I. Akinwale

Mr Akinwale

AKINWALE, Ismael  Olasunkanmi  Idowu

Final Diploma "Physics electronics" (Univ. Ibadan PGD Physics electronics(FUTA), AISLT.                                                        


Areas of Specialization

Information Technology, Instrumentation, Communication and Hardware.

Office: Research Laboratory, 

Computer Science Department, 

University of Ibadan. 




Current Research Projects

  1. Symptoms and Fault analysis in an electronics board (know it Right and Set it Right).
  2. System Analysis in an ideal Laboratory.
  3. Design and Implementation of Auto car signal tracer.
  4. Role of Computer in Laboratory Practice.


  1. Design and Construction of AM Radio as Teaching Aid Equipment, 1999.
  2. Pedagogical Principles in Technical Teaching and Training, 2000.
  3. Design and Construction of Light Sensing Equipment with Alarm, 2002.