Current Research

(a)         Completed

(i)           Dynamic and Diversity of Microorganisms Associated with Cereal Fermentation

(ii)       Fortification of Fermented Weaning Food

(iii)      Starter-developed Fermented Products

(iv)      Microbial Product Production

(v)         Efficacy of some Antibiotics and Antimicrobial Compounds


(b)         In progress

(i)           Weaning Food

The effect of different processing methods (malting, toasting/roasting, fortification, wet and dry milling) in combination with the use of starter cultures in the development of highly nutritious weaning food with prophylactic properties. The study tends to induce healthy weanling rat with diarrheae-causing microorganism and then treat the infected rat with the developed probiotic weaning food.


(ii)       Microbial Enzyme Production

The ability of microorganisms to produce enzymes (Keratinase, Laccasse, Dextranase, Tannase) using readily available wastes was examined. The study tend to proffer a cheap and readily available sources of microbial enzymes that are ecologically sustainable and can be used in important biotechnological and industrial processes.


(iii)      Enzyme Applications

This study is a follow-up of the enzyme production. Here, the application of the produced enzyme (crude and purified) in dye decolouration, PAH degradation, flavor oxidation of fermented food, tea clarification etc. were studied. The molecular identification and modification of the best isolates for better performance is part of the work plan for this study.


(iv)      Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC)

This research work is carried out to ascertain the potential of some Pseudomonas strains in electron generation which can be used in bioelectricity generation.


(c)        Dissertation and Thesis


(a)             Jimoh, S.M: Ethanol production from cassava starch using Zymononas mobilis and Baker’s yeast. M.Sc. Dissertation, 1997


(b)        Wakil, S.M: Phenotypic identification and molecular diversity of microbial community in fermented cereal-legume weaning blends. Ph.D. Thesis, 2006